Master of Science in Clinical Research and Translational Medicine

The extra-occupational study of clinical research

Clinical trials are becoming ever more complex, the expectations are rising, sponsors and ethics committees demand specifically qualified trial teams. Furthermore, results of clinical trials should promptly be transferred into clinical practice as possible. Our extra-occupational M.Sc.-programme in Clinical Research and Translational Medicine is our response to meet these expectations. It is an offer of the University of Leipzig, organized by its Clinical Trial Centre.

The programme is open to applicants of other countries, however, the materials and lectures are predominantly in German and thus only appropriate for foreigners with a proficient German language level of C1. The Academy offers a weekend course per month at the Clinical Trial Centre in Leipzig. (fees and further information see below)

The curriculum is divided into modules and offers systematic training in the field of clinical research – focusing on the conjunction of science and application. After graduating from the two-years-programme the graduates are capable of drafting scientific projects in the field of clinical research and translational medicine, coordinating and realizing these projects. There are various interesting work options for graduates, not only in academia, but also in the pharmaceutical industry, in the fields of biotechnology, monitoring or approving pharmaceutical products or medical devices, as well as in clinical research organisations. (Information on the M.Sc.-programme in German)

Academic prerequisites and requirements

The applicants ought to have their first graduate degree in:
  • medicine
  • veterinary medicine
  • naturals sciences
  • or life sciences

Duration and workload

  • Time needed for M.Sc.-programme: 4 semesters (2 years). The schedule is organized in a way that it can be attended besides the actual working hours.
  • The attendance of the monthly weekend course is recommended (Friday - Sunday), but not obligatory. The weekend course offers lectures, exercises and seminars over three days.
  • Self-study, individual studying at home: large part of flexible and individual self-study periods enhanced by the tutorial offers of an e-learning platform. Most lectures are videotaped and can be found on the e-learning platform.

Professional experience and language knowledge

Applicants for the M.Sc.-programme should have work experience of one year, as well as first verifiable experiences in clinical trials.
All lectures and courses are in the German language. Prerequisite for enrolling at the University of Leipzig is a German language level of C1. Additionally, the participants need an appropriate knowledge of the English language (level B2 - according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEFR).

Tuition fees

Since the programme “Master of Science in Clinical Research & Translational Medicine” belongs to the postgraduate studies, fees have to be paid. The tuition fee per semester is 4,625 Euros. The whole program with four semesters costs 18,500 Euros.

(Information on the M.Sc.-programme in German)


Clinical Trial Centre Leipzig (ZKS Leipzig)
University of Leipzig
Haertelstr. 16-18
04107 Leipzig, Germany

Academic Director of the M.Sc.-Programme
Dr. Wolf Oehrl
Phone: +49 341 97 16283
Fax: +49 341 97 16 119
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Last updated: 16-Jun-2015